Experiential Marketing Capabilities

Experiential Marketing Services & BCEX: We Build Brand Loyalty Through Real Human Engagement.


a new way of experiential marketing


Bring the brand to the consumer and become a part of their


Expose the brands value proposition in an immersive


Deliver a clear call to action allowing for a deeper brand journey.

Change Behavior

Lead the consumer through their journey by creating a clear path of action.

Experiential Marketing Services

Experiential Marketing Services: Advertising, like much of the world around us, is changing faster than we can keep up with. The modern consumer landscape is one inundated with marketing messages on social media posts, billboards, video ads, and so on. Crafting a message that not only grabs but also retains a viewer’s attention is becoming progressively tougher, and marketers soon will need to adapt to newer, more exciting and more interactive forms of promotion. This is the core concept behind experiential marketing.

Experiential marketing, sometimes called event marketing, live marketing, or engagement marketing, is a form of advertising that focuses on enabling consumers to experience a brand. The idea is to create opportunities for your target audience to interact with your brand in unique, face-to-face experiences. As opposed to traditional advertising, experiential marketing encourages a dialogue with your customers, and enables real, authentic interactions with the business and the people behind it. Creating positive real-life experiences delivers a more memorable impression of a brand in the mind of potential customers, the kind of impression that a sidebar ad on a website alone just can’t capture.

BCEX specializes in creating these memorable experiences through time-tested strategies including live marketing via our BOBCAR® Mobile Showrooms, but also social media, OOH, and guerrilla marketing. Leading the Experiential New York industry with our proprietary techniques. We take the brand experience directly to consumers in communities, retail locations, and live events where we engage and educate them. Our solutions are delivered turn-key and include comprehensive reports and analysis. We build custom integrated experiential programs that motivate and resonate with consumers on a personal level to positively drive behavior.

Whether you’re in electronics, cosmetics, insurance, retail, banking, entertainment, music, fashion, beauty, or packaged goods, BCEX can formulate the perfect way to build awareness of your brand and boost your sales with our Experiential Marketing Services. Give us a call today to learn how we can take your business to the next level!

Experiential Marketing Client Capabilities

MMMobile Marketing

Hit The Streets Where Your Customers Live, Work, & Play

C&UColleges & Universities

Comprising The Largest Shopper Demographic, We Reach Millennials Where They Congregate.

P2DPhysical To Digital

From The Physical Interaction, We Drive Engagement That Continues Online (email capture, data collection)

EAEvent Activation

Deliver Value When/ Where / & How Your Audience Wants To Receive It.

OMOOH Marketing

Going Beyond The Digital Landscape, We Target Consumers In The Real World.

DCData Collection

We Love Data, And Use It To Build Campaigns That Are Strategic And Effective

PSProduct Sampling

Our Vast Network of Professional Brand Ambassadors Are Ready To Demonstrate Your Product & Give Samples

SMSocial Media

Our Social Media Team Will Build A Strategy That Compliments Your Activation.