Live Event Marketing

Event Marketing NYC: A Form Of Advertising That Focuses On Enabling Consumers To Experience A Brand


a new way of experiential marketing

Full Impact

Reach consumers in ways print, digital, or radio can’t.


Your brand gets the exposure it rightfully deserves.


BobCars are so unique, people will want to share the experience.


Whatever your brand is, we’ll find the right setting to find the right consumers.

Live Event Marketing NYC

Live event marketing NYC impact people in a way that alone print, digital or radio ad cannot. BCEX is the best experiential marketing agency in NYC!

Live events bring people together in a communal environment, they create memories and associations in a person’s mind in a way that is crucial to a successful experiential marketing campaign. The human element is one that is often missing or lacking in traditional advertising and is one that BCEX Marketing provides with passion and proficiency.

Besides the positive feelings inspired in customers by one-on-one interaction at events, the opportunity for raising brand awareness and sales at events is exponential. Not only do events generate huge numbers of impressions on their own, but they also have a ripple effect as attendees share pictures and content to social media. In that sense, events have the potential to reach even non-attendees on the other side of the country or world.

BCEX specializes in high profile events such as concerts, festivals, industry photo shows, trade shows, parades, sporting events, and other high trafficked venues. Our seasoned Brand Ambassadors have experience with attracting a crowd at any venue and keeping them engaged, as well as educating and persuading them. Our techniques replicate those of a true interactive marketing agency.

Whether you’re looking to own the last three feet at the retailer, conduct product demonstrations, distribute special offers, or increase foot traffic or assistance with warm handoffs, we have experienced teams that love event marketing NYC.

Event Marketing can mean a lot of things these days, but to BCEX, it means helping a brand build meaningful and long-lasting connections with its target consumer.  The way we build these relationships is through experiential marketing campaigns focused around the BobCar. It’s our patented mobile showroom vehicle that’s been hitting the streets of New York and around the country for over a decade – turning heads wherever we go!  For every client that comes our way, we immediately strive to understand their needs and desires.  We take the time to understand who they are, what the brand message is, and what the goals of their campaign areIt’s important for us to invest our time in to each client we work with to make sure they are a good fit.  BCEX wants to make sure that every experiential marketing campaign we build fits into the guidelines and identity of every client objective. We take your priorities and strategize an event marketing plan that makes sense and creates the biggest impact for your customers.  The event strategies we develop are rich in insight and driven by research and analytics. They are the foundation for any meaningful event or meeting and the basis from which we build your story as a live experience.  The events and meetings we design are multiplatform integrated campaigns that often begin and end online. We implement digital strategies and effective social media solutions to ensure 360-degree engagement. It is all part of a time-tested foundation that yields breakthrough creative, coupled with clear strategic insight designed to deliver measurable results. BCEX Marketing is your go-to-we’ll-get-it-done-one-stop-shop for all things experiential marketing.

As the prime season for good weather event marketing in New York City awakens from the winter slumber, BCEX is poised to make a splash with all the experiential marketing activations planned for our clients. From the BobCar mobile showroom, to hands-on immersive Virtual Reality experiences, we’re leaving no part of the five boroughs untouched from our marketing brilliance. We strive to design experiences that move people emotionally, provide powerful and everlasting memories, and to harness these experiences to impact and influence the constantly changing culture that we are all a part of. We encourage our team and our fans to experience as much as they possibly can. We strive to enhance the way brands, retailers, institutions, attractions, and hospitality businesses participate in our lives. We approach our work with an immutable advocacy for the people our clients look to address. We’re motivated to create cultural relevance with everything we touch without ever becoming invasive or contrived. We create experiences that connect our clients and their brands to the people who matter most to them. BCEX takes experiential marketing to new, rarely seen levels of interactivity.  We create experiences that strengthen the relationship between brands and the people who matter most to them.

People are no longer satisfied with simply “hearing” a brand’s message. In today’s world, it’s the actual experiences we have with a brand that defines its relevance in our lives. Emotionally, socially, and when it’s time to buy. Brands still need to connect with people to build strong reputations and sell products. But, we as a society demand more from brands than just the product or service. These connections need to have meaning. We’re building BCEX Marketing to be the best total brand experience agency for all clients, big and small. We are the event marketing agency you’ve been looking for.  Join our roster of amazing clients.