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Here’s the big question when it comes to getting marketing exposure for your brand or product in the “Windy City”.  How do you stand out and make an impact with today’s digital-first consumers? Today’s primary method of content consumption for digital natives is the news feed on the social platforms of their choice.Though digital has a weakness, it’s Achilles heel is its big inability to create a lasting impact. To make a statement and stand out, earning a coveted place in the consumer’s hearts and minds, brands and agencies need to create viral and lasting impressions through connected, impactful experiential marketing events and activation.

So how do you get there?

BCEX is an award winning firm that offers its expertise, specifically offering Experiential Marketing in Chicago. BCEX MKTG has many years of experience building experiential marketing activations that have helped clients with new product releases and experiential event marketing campaigns. We partner with clients on the strategic development and flawless delivery of integrated marketing solutions that bring companies and brand directly to targeted audiences. Our experienced team includes strategic marketers, creative thinkers, and sound production teams who use disruptive innovation to create personalized groundbreaking brand experiences across multiple media platforms.

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As a premiere Experiential Marketing Firm for Chicago, BCEX creates national and regional programs that capture the consumer’s attention, educate, motivate and drive behaviors that deliver measurable results. Our integrated multi-channel marketing programs engage audiences through the use of live conversation, product demonstration, information sharing, physical to digital technology, all designed to drive deeper brand experiences. We have provided our expertise to blue-chip marketers such as PEPSICO/Tropicana, T-Mobile, Verizon, LG, Paramount Pictures, Mars, San Disk, Samsung, and others.


Experiential Marketing Chicago

Experiential Marketing Chicago


Experiential Marketing Chicago Specialties

Consumer Engagement

Our local market-based Brand Ambassadors supported by our mobile showroom interact with people to educate them about your brand in a one on one conversation. This stimulates interest, incites trial, allows us the ability to capture data while introducing a product with a personal touch.


Live Events

BCEX offers BobCar a specially designed vehicle that causes a ripple effect at live experiential event marketing as attendees engage, interact, and generate personalized pictures and content sharing through social media. Creating a turn-key integrated “event-in-a-box” that can go to any location and make a splash or even be “the event.”


Mobile Out of Home (OOH)

BCEX provides comprehensive Chicago/Mid-West market outdoor advertising through our mobile billboards. These ‘in your face at the right place’ billboards take the brands message to the consumer where they live, work, play, and shop.


Lead Generation & Brand Promotion & Experiential Consumers

Purchasing a BobCar through BCEX enables you to own the last 3 feet at the retailer. Our field teams conduct product demonstrations, distribute special offers, increase foot traffic and assist with warm hand offs.


Social Media, Guerilla, Sampling, Demonstration

Once we’ve gained the attention of targeted experiential consumers and engage with them in conversation. We ensure that their experience is memorialized through our integrated social media and data capture platform. Building ‘Word of Mouth’ and capturing consumer information allows the brands to establish a relationship that lasts well beyond the initial engagement.