Zoolander 2

Zoolander 2

experiential marketing nyc


  1. Partnered with Flip Turn, to drive consumer awareness of the DVD and Blu-Ray release of Paramount Home Video – Zoolander 2.
  2. Generate purchase intent of the release.
  3. Engage audiences by intercepting and distributing lattes featuring movie character or consumer faces.
  4. Create a positive experience, while positioning the film as must see .


  1. Engaged consumers in high profile areas such as Time Square and the Today Show.
  2. Captured consumer data by utilizing the photo booth social media system.
  3. Rewarded consumers by printing their photos on to lattes.


  1. Reached and Impacted of 100,000+ consumers.
  2. Achieved National/Local media pick-up.
  3. 1,000+ Direct consumer interactions and data capture.



Reached and Impacted of
Achieved National / Local media pick-up
Silver Winner EX Awards

Client Testimonial

My first experience with the BobCar. Unreal, guerrilla marketing at its finest… creating havoc around New York
City and everywhere else.

John Legere - T-Mobile